3 April 2017: Switched to Lets Encrypt Certificate for SSL

10-12 Dec 2016: Router outage. Back now.

22 June 2016: Trust Anchors XML file now tracks introduction, revoke, and removal of KSKs.

14 June 2016: Shortened TTL in zone to be proportional to validity period to avoid expired signatures in caches.

29 May 2016: Schedule modfication. Keep old unused KSK in DNSKEY RRSet until revokation to minimize BIND logging regarding missing key.

22 May 2016: RRSIG expired due to 1 hour inability to get copy of root zone. Have made changes to use last known good copy.

16 May 2016: Delay KSK cutover one slot. Slight modification to schedule starting at 11:00 PDT in order to maintain separation of ZSK and KSK changes and thus simplify fallback. Based on 2013 KSK roll schedule

14 April 2016: At the suggestion of a user, I have duplicated the the IPv4 address for to all others to make them answerable.

5 April 2016: Added KNOT Resolver (kresd) testing and howto.

11 March 2016: Done. Also added links to root.hints, upgraded Unbound, and other minor site updates.

3 March 2016: Will be upping the ZSK size from 1024 to 2048 bit on this test bed over the next few days for testing purposes

Rescheduled: 27 Sept 2015 at 0900 PDT: SSD replacement. Expect 1 hour outage.

7 Sept 2015 More memory, more processors, more power = more problems. LV PSU overload over weekend. Now fixed.

1 Sept 2015 Equipment upgrade happening TODAY. System may be down for short period. More memory, More processors. FINISHED 10:45PM PST

16 Aug 2015 Network equipment overheating. System kept running but routers did not. Fixed Sun Aug 16 20:40:37 PDT 2015.

1 Aug 2015 Note: Turned on some rate-limiting in router. Let me know if this limits your tests and I will fix.

29 July 2015 Wed Jul 29 19:43 UTC Conversion complete.

29 July 2015 NOTE: New root KSK rollover schedule proposed. I will be changing the rollover schedule on this site later today to match Extended Rickroll Final. I will attempt to make this seamless by using the existing key on the live system so that your resolvers should keep working. If they do not, update your key (e.g., unbound.root.key file) to the current one. Old key schedule here.

28 July 2015 NOTE: I will be doing some development work over the next 2 days at the request of KSK team members. I see a number of others relying on this system so I will do my best not to effect the current system but such work being what it is, you may see a reboot. System has been up since end of April 2015 and no failures seen on MSFT DNS or Unbound resolvers operating under accelerated 5011 timings.